Nanostructures of Functional Oxides

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  1. 2019
  2. Badillo Ävila, M., Noheda, B., & Acuautla, M. (2019). Synthesis of doped hafnia by low-toxicity chemical solutions for energy harvesting applications (Awarded Poster presentation). Poster session presented at International MicroNano Conference 2019, Utrecht, Netherlands.
  3. 2010
  4. Beijers, J., Brandenburg, S., Eikema, K., Hoekstra, S., Jungmann, K-P., Schlathölter, T., Timmermans, R., Willmann, L., Hoekstra, R., van Loosdrecht, P. H. M., Noheda, B., Palstra, T., Rudolf, P., & Luiten, O. J. (2010). ZFEL: A compact, soft X-ray FEL in The Netherlands. Poster session presented at 32nd International Free Electron Laser Conference, Malmö, Sweden, .

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