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  1. Recontacting patients in clinical genetics services: recommendations of the European Society of Human Genetics

    European Society of Human Genetics, Carrieri, D., Howard, H. C., Benjamin, C., Clarke, A. J., Dheensa, S., Doheny, S., Hawkins, N., Halbersma-Konings, T. F., Jackson, L., Kayserili, H., Kelly, S. E., Lucassen, A. M., Mendes, Á., Rial-Sebbag, E., Stefánsdóttir, V., Turnpenny, P. D., van El, C. G., van Langen, I. M., Cornel, M. C. & Forzano, F. 11-Oct-2018 In : European Journal of Human Genetics. 14 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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  1. Lifelines Biobank

    Bakker, S. (Creator), Dotinga, A. (Creator), Vonk, J. (Creator), Smidt, N. (Creator), Scholtens, S. (Creator), Swertz, M. (Creator), Wijmenga, C. (Creator), Wolffenbuttel, B. (Creator), Stolk, R. (Creator), Zon, van, S. (Creator), Rosmalen, J. (Creator), Postma, D. S. (Creator), Boer, de, R. (Creator), Navis, G. (Creator), Slaets, J. (Creator), Ormel, J. (Creator), Dijk, van, F. (Creator), Lifelines, 2006


  2. A reconsideration of the Self-Compassion Scale's total score: Self-compassion versus self-criticism

    Lopez Angarita, A. (Creator), Sanderman, R. (Creator), Smink, A. (Creator), Zhang, Y. (Creator), Sonderen, van, E. (Creator), Ranchor, A. (Creator), Schroevers, M. (Creator), University of Groningen, Nov-2016


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  1. Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport (VWS)

    Jansen, D. (Visiting researcher)

    Activity: ScientificVisiting an external academic institution

  2. Mental disorders of children with neurodevelopmental disorders

    Jansen, D. (Organiser)

    Activity: ScientificParticipation in conference

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