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P.O. Box 196
9700 AD
  • Phone: +31 50 363 3163
  • Fax: +31 50 363 2612

Organisational unit profile

Chronic Diseases and Drug Exploration


The Groningen University Institute for Drug Exploration (GUIDE) is based in the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and the Department of Pharmacy (Faculty of Natural Sciences) of the University of Groningen. GUIDE was founded in its present form in 1997. The last reorganization of its research programmes was in 2012. It prepared GUIDE for future international developments such as the new European Framework Programme for Research Horizon2020. 

GUIDE performs and stimulates translational, innovative and drug-oriented research on a selected number of (chronic) disease in an interdisciplinary setting. New insight into the pathophysiology of these diseases leads to the development of new drugs and/or treatment options, or optimization of existing therapies (from bench to bed). Alternatively, patient-oriented research is structured in such a way that this leads to new pharmacological concepts (from bed to bench). The research revolves around central themes of the UMCG like Healthy Ageing and Personalized Medicine.


Research Focus and Strategy


Researchers at GUIDE participate in 12 focused research programmes mainly on:


  • Lead discovery, development of new drugs, drug delivery and advanced formulation technology
  • Translational research on the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying disease (aetiology and pathophysiology) in relation to treatment of disease, e.g. in the context of clinical trials and by using relevant animal/cell models.


GUIDE is one of the five research institutes of the University Medical Center Groningen and the University of Groningen (RUG). In GUIDE, multidisciplinary teams, situated at the University Medical Center Groningen and the Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy (GRIP) of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, combine forces, yielding a unique research environment.


Management of GUIDE


The GUIDE management team comprises the scientific director Prof. dr. Dick de Zeeuw and the deputy director Prof. dr. Wim J. Quax. A team of support staff, consisting of two research coordinators and a secretary, supports GUIDE management. 
GUIDE is organised in 12 research programmes, which are headed by programme leaders. Programme leaders and GUIDE management meet to discuss research progress and new strategies.



Prof. D. de Zeeuw, MD/PhD

Position: Director
Tel: +31 50 363 3163


Prof. Wim J. Quax, PhD

Position: Deputy Director
Tel: +31 50 363 7660


Peter G. Braun, PhD

Position: Research Coordinator Medical Sciences
Tel: +31 50 363 7119


Karen E. Voskamp, PhD

Position: Research coordinator Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tel: +31 50 363 2481


ms. Mathilde T.L. Pekelaer

Position: Secretary
Tel: +31 50 363 3163



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    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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  1. Casusprijs 2016

    Daan Touw (Recipient), 1-May-2018


  2. Best abstract Respiratory Effectiveness Group Summit 2018

    Boudewijn Dierick (Recipient), Bertine Flokstra-de Blok (Recipient), Thys van der Molen (Recipient), Nuria Toledo Pons (Recipient), Miguel Román Rodriguez (Recipient), Borja G Cosío (Recipient), Joan B. Soriano (Recipient), Job Boven, van (Recipient) & Janwillem Kocks (Recipient), Apr-2018


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  1. NVGCT Nederlandse Vereniging voor Gen- en Celtherapie (External organisation)

    Daemen, T. (Member)

    Activity: ScientificMembership of committee

  2. Pharmacy Day 2018

    Salvati, A. (Organiser), Dolga, A. (Organiser), Groves, M. (Organiser), Mathwig, K. (Organiser), Horvatovich, P. (Organiser), Quax, W. (Organiser), Lexmond, A. (Organiser), Nieuwenhuis-Dempsey, G. (Organiser)

    Activity: ScientificOrganising an event

  3. Euroanaesthesia 2018

    Absalom, A. (Invited speaker)

    Activity: ScientificParticipation in conference

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