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  1. Deficiency of C4 from brain death mice protects against renal injury

    Poppelaars, F., Jager, N. M., van Werkhoven, M. B., Damman, J., Hillebrand, J. L., Daha, M. R., Leuvenink, H. G. D. & Seelen, M. A. Sep-2017 In : Molecular Immunology. 89, p. 207-208 2 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalMeeting Abstract

  2. C1-inhibitor treatment decreases renal injury in an established brain-dead rat model

    Jager, N. M., Poppelaars, F., Kotimaa, J., Leuvenink, H. G. D., Daha, M. R., Van Kooten, C., Seelen, M. A. & Damman, J. Sep-2017 In : Molecular Immunology. 89, p. 211 1 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalMeeting Abstract

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  1. Dataset balance study and renal cation excretion study

    van IJzerdoorn, M. (Creator), Buter, H. (Creator), Kingma, P. (Creator), Navis, G. (Creator), Boerma, E. C. (Creator), University of Groningen, 4-Feb-2016


  2. Data for: Mapping of 79 loci for 83 plasma protein biomarkers in cardiovascular disease

    Folkersen, L. (Creator), Fauman, E. (Creator), Sabater-Lleal, M. (Creator), Strawbridge, R. J. (Creator), Franberg, M. (Creator), Sennblad, B. (Creator), Baldassarre, D. (Creator), Veglia, F. (Creator), Humphries, S. E. (Creator), Rauramaa, R. (Creator), de Faire, U. (Creator), Smit, A. (Creator), Giral, P. (Creator), Kurl, S. (Creator), Mannarino, E. (Creator), Enroth, S. (Creator), Johansson, A. (Creator), Enroth, S. B. (Creator), Gustafsson, S. (Creator), Lind, L. (Creator), Lindgren, C. (Creator), Morris, A. P. (Creator), Giedraitis, V. (Creator), Silveira, A. (Creator), Franco-Cereceda, A. (Creator), Tremoli, E. (Creator), Gyllensten, U. (Creator), Ingelsson, E. (Creator), Brunak, S. (Creator), Eriksson, P. (Creator), Ziemek, D. (Creator), Hamsten, A. (Creator), Malarstig, A. (Creator), University of Groningen, 1-Mar-2017


  3. Data from: Reference data for the Ruff Figural Fluency Test stratified by age and educational level

    Izaks, G. (Creator), Joosten, J. (Creator), Koerts, J. (Creator), Gansevoort, R. (Creator), Slaets, J. (Creator), University of Groningen, 5-Aug-2014


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  1. Kolff senior postdoc (Dutch Kidney Foundation)

    Martin Borst, de (Recipient), Dec-2017

    Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively

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  1. Pharmacometrics and Personalised medicine

    Stevens, J. (Speaker)

    Activity: ProfessionalTalk or presentation

  2. Dutch Immunological Society (NVVI) (External organisation)

    Heeringa, P. (Member)
    2018 → …

    Activity: ProfessionalMembership of board

  3. Reviewer of grant proposal- Medical Research Council UK

    Heeringa, P. (Other)

    Activity: ScientificOther

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  1. Vasculitis Foundation Interview series

    Peter Heeringa


    1 media contribution

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  2. The Search for a New Earth

    Robert Doesburg-Henning


    1 media contribution

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  3. Wat als mensen een winterslaap kunnen houden

    Robert Doesburg-Henning


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