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  1. ACPA in LifeLines

    Liesbeth Brouwer (Recipient), 2012


  2. Failure of Immune regulation in Giant Cell Arteritis

    Rosanne Reitsema (Recipient), Liesbeth Brouwer (Recipient), Peter Heeringa (Recipient) & Annemieke M. H. Boots (Recipient), 24-Jul-2017


  3. Grant NC Smit Fonds via Dutch Arthritis Foundation

    Elisabeth Brouwer (Recipient) & Annemieke Boots (Recipient), 2009

    Prize: Other distinctionAcademic

  4. Highly Cited Researcher

    Serena Sanna (Recipient), Cisca Wijmenga (Recipient) & Lude Franke (Recipient), 2018

    Prize: National/international honourAcademic

  5. Highly cited researcher web of science

    Cisca Wijmenga (Recipient), 2019

    Prize: Other distinctionProfessional

  6. Hypatia Tenure Track Grant

    Vinod Kumar Magadi Gopalaiah (Recipient), 1-Feb-2018

    Prize: AppointmentAcademic

  7. NIH RO1 grant on Systems approach to TB meningitis

    Vinod Kumar Magadi Gopalaiah (Recipient), Apr-2019

    Prize: Other distinctionAcademic

  8. Randomized placebo controlled treatment study of leflunomide in polymyalgia rheumatica

    Liesbeth Brouwer (Recipient) & Maria Sandovici (Recipient), 18-Jun-2015

    Prize: Other distinctionAcademic

  9. ReumaNederland Research Grant

    Liesbeth Brouwer (Recipient), Maria Sandovici (Recipient) & Annemieke Boots (Recipient), 20-Dec-2019

    Prize: Other distinctionAcademic

  10. Rising Star

    Rinse Weersma (Recipient), 2011


  11. The Polymyalgia Rheumatica Bursitis Study

    Kornelis van der Geest (Recipient), Liesbeth Brouwer (Recipient) & Annemieke M. H. Boots (Recipient), 9-Jan-2018


  12. UMCG PhD scholarship / GUIDE/GCRC

    Elisabeth Brouwer (Recipient), Annemieke Boots (Recipient) & Peter Heeringa (Recipient), 2017

    Prize: Other distinctionAcademic

  13. Vaccines and InfecTious diseases in the Ageing popuLations (VITAL)

    Annemieke Boots (Recipient) & Elisabeth Brouwer (Recipient), 2018

    Prize: Other distinctionAcademic

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