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  1. 2020
  2. Jimenez, D. J., Wang, Y., Chaib de Mares, M., Cortes-Tolalpa, L., Mertens, J. A., Hector, R. E., Lin, J., Johnson, J., Lipzen, A., Barry, K., Mondo, S. J., Grigoriev, I., Nichols, N. N., & van Elsas, J. D. (2020). Defining the eco-enzymological role of the fungal strain Coniochaeta sp. 2T2.1 in a tripartite lignocellulolytic microbial consortium. FEMS microbiology ecology, 96(1), [186].
  3. Sternhagen, E. C., Black, K. L., Hartmann , E. DL., Shivega, W. G., Johnson, P. G., McGlynn, R. D., Schmaltz, L. C., Asheim Keller, R. J., Vink, S. N., & Aldrich-Wolfe, L. (2020). Contrasting patterns of functional diversity in coffee root fungal communities associated with organic and conventionally managed fields. Applied and environmental microbiology, 36(11), [e00052-20].
  4. Dicke, M., Eilenberg, J., Salles, J. F., Jensen, A. B., Lecocq, A., Pijlman, G. P., van Loon, J. J. A., & van Oers, M. M. (2020). Edible insects unlikely to contribute to transmission of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Journal of Insects as Food and Feed, 6(4), 333-339.
  5. Hendriks, K. P., Bisschop, K., Kortenbosch, H. H., Kavanagh, J. C., Larue, A. E. A., Phung, C-C., Bonte, D., Duijm, E. J., Falcão Salles, J., Pigot, A. L., Richter Mendoza, F. J., Schilthuizen, M., Anderson, M. J., Speksnijder, A. G. C. L., & Etienne, R. S. (Accepted/In press). Microbiome and environment explain the absence of correlations between consumers and their diet in Bornean microsnails. Ecology, [e03237].
  6. 2019
  7. Ben Chehida, Y., Thumloup, J., Schumacher, C., Harkins, T., Aguilar, A., Borrell, A., Ferreira, M., Rojas-Bracho, L., Robertson, K. M., L. Taylor, B., A. Víkingsson, G., Sabot, F., Weyna, A., Romiguier, J., A. Morin, P., & Fontaine, M. (2019). Evolutionary history of the porpoise family (Phocoenidae) 
a perspective from mitogenomes and whole genomes. bioRxiv, 241.
  8. Clarkson, C. S., Miles, A., Harding, N. J., Lucas, E. R., Battey, C. J., Amaya-Romero, J. E., Cano, J., Diabaté, A., Constant, E., Nwakanma, D. C., Jawara, M., Essandoh, J., Dinis, J., Le Goff, G., Robert, V., Troco, A. D., Costantini, C., Rohatgi, K. R., Elissa, N., ... Kwiatkowski, D. P. (2019). Genome variation and population structure among 1,142 mosquitoes of the African malaria vector species Anopheles gambiaeand Anopheles coluzzii. Manuscript submitted for publication.
  9. Pirog, A., Ravigné, V., Fontaine, M. C., Rieux, A., Gilabert, A., Cliff, G., Clua, E., Daly, R., Heithaus, M. R., Kiszka, J. J., Matich, P., Nevill, J. E. G., Smoothey, A. F., Temple, A. J., Berggren, P., Jaquemet, S., & Magalon, H. (2019). Population structure, connectivity, and demographic history of an apex marine predator, the bull shark Carcharhinus leucas. Ecology and Evolution, 9(23), 12980-13000.
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  12. Matthey-Doret, C., van der Kooi, C. J., Jeffries, D. L., Bast, J., Dennis, A. B., Vorburger, C., & Schwander, T. (2019). Mapping of multiple complementary sex determination loci in a parasitoid wasp. Genome Biology and Evolution, 11(10), 2954-2962.
  13. Mondo, S. J., Javier Jimenez, D., Hector, R. E., Lipzen, A., Yan, M., LaButti, K., Barry, K., van Elsas, J. D., Grigoriev, I., & Nichols, N. N. (2019). Genome expansion by allopolyploidization in the fungal strain Coniochaeta 2T2.1 and its exceptional lignocellulolytic machinery. Biotechnology for Biofuels, 12(1), [229].
  14. Pires, E. S., Pires Hardoim, C. C., Miranda, K. R., Secco, D. A., Lobo, L. A., de Carvalho, D. P., Han, J., Borchers, C. H., Ferreira, R. B. R., Salles, J. F., Cavalcanti Pilotto Domingues, R. M., & Martha Antunes, L. C. (2019). The gut microbiome and metabolome of two riparian communities in the Amazon. Frontiers in Microbiology, 10, [2003].
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