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  1. Dynamic equilibrium behaviour observed on two contrasting tidal flats from daily monitoring of bed-level changes

    Hu, Z., van der Wal, D., Cai, H., van Belzen, J. & Bouma, T. J. 15-Jun-2018 In : Geomorphology. 311, p. 114-126 13 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  2. Classical lepidopteran wing scale colouration in the giant butterfly-moth

    Stavenga, D. G., Leertouwer, H. L., Meglič, A., Drašlar, K., Wehling, M. F., Pirih, P. & Belušič, G. 2018 In : PeerJ. 6, p. e4590

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  3. Magnificent magpie colours by feathers with layers of hollow melanosomes

    Stavenga, D. G., Leertouwer, H. L. & Wilts, B. D. 28-Feb-2018 In : The Journal of Experimental Biology. 221, Pt 4

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  4. Rainbow peacock spiders inspire miniature super-iridescent optics

    Hsiung, B-K., Siddique, R. H., Stavenga, D. G., Otto, J. C., Allen, M. C., Liu, Y., Lu, Y-F., Deheyn, D. D., Shawkey, M. D. & Blackledge, T. A. 22-Dec-2017 In : Nature Communications. 8, 1, p. 2278

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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  1. Data from: Structure and functioning of intertidal food webs along an avian flyway: A comparative approach using stable isotopes

    Catry, T. (Creator), Lourenco, P. (Creator), Lopes, R. J. (Creator), Carneiro, C. (Creator), Alves, J. A. (Creator), Costa, J. (Creator), Rguibi-Idrissi, H. (Creator), Bearhop, S. (Creator), Piersma, T. (Creator), Granadeiro, J. P. (Creator), University of Groningen, 29-Jun-2015


  2. Data from: Diet preferences as the cause of individual differences rather than the consequence

    Oudman, T. (Creator), Bijleveld, A. (Creator), Kavelaars, M. M. (Creator), Dekinga, A. (Creator), Cluderay, J. (Creator), Piersma, T. (Creator), Gils, van, J. (Creator), University of Groningen, 5-Jul-2016


  3. Data from: Simultaneous declines in summer survival of three shorebird species signals a flyway at risk

    Piersma, T. (Creator), Lok, T. (Creator), Chen, Y. (Creator), Hassell, C. J. (Creator), Yang, N. (Creator), Boyle, A. N. (Creator), Slaymaker, M. (Creator), Chan, G. (Creator), University of Groningen, 8-Dec-2015


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  1. Oratie: Beter samen, de biologie van sociale gezondheid

    Kas, M. (Other)

    Activity: ProfessionalOther

  2. Mindlab: in praise of distraction

    Vugt, van, M. (Consultant)

    Activity: PopularOutreach

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  1. About 1,000 deer to be culled at controversial Dutch rewilding park

    Han Olff & Franciscus Wilhelmus Maria Vera


    2 items of media coverage

    Press/Media: Expert Comment

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  1. Physica prijs 2018

    Maria Loi (Recipient), 13-Apr-2018


  2. Best paper award

    Talko Dijkhuis (Recipient), Ruby Otter-Drost (Recipient), Hugo Velthuijsen (Recipient) & Koen Lemmink (Recipient), 27-Mar-2017


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