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  1. Aage B. Sørensen Award 2014

    Patrick Praeg (Recipient), 8-May-2014


  2. Additional Insights International Research Fellowship

    Mayra Mascareño Lara (Recipient), 2015

    Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively

  3. Allianz-Newcomer Award in Demography

    Felix Tropf (Recipient), 2013


  4. Best paper award

    Mayra Mascareño Lara (Recipient), Aug-2014


  5. Best Poster Award

    Gert Stulp (Recipient), 2012


  6. Best Poster Award

    Gert Stulp (Recipient), 2011


  7. Best poster award

    Thijs Bouman (Recipient), Jan-2013


  8. Best Poster Prize

    Dorien Bangma (Recipient), 7-Apr-2016


  9. Best thesis price 2014

    Jonathan Leipoldt (Recipient), 16-Feb-2015

    Prize: Other distinction

  10. Certificate of Academic Excellence

    Jeremy Burman (Recipient), Oct-2017

    Prize: National/international honour

  11. College for Life Sciences Fellow

    Tina Kretschmer (Recipient), Dec-2015

    Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively

  12. Consortium Angst- en stemmingsstoornissen bij jeugdigen

    Miriam Lommen (Recipient), 1-Jun-2016

    Prize: Other distinction

  13. Cum Laude Master's degree BCN Research Master

    Dafne Piersma (Recipient), Aug-2012

    Prize: Honorary degree

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