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  3. Lee, D. H., Kim, D-W., Camidge, D. R., Langer, C. J., Huber, R. M., Tiseo, M., ... Ahn, M-J. (2019). Brigatinib (BRG) in Asian vs non-Asian patients (pts) with crizotinib (CRZ)-refractory ALK plus NSCLC in the phase II ALTA trial. Annals of Oncology, 30, 634-+.
  4. Keur, van der, M. (2019). Opbouw en vernietiging: Van Sappho naar Dido. Manuscript submitted for publication.
  5. Burgers, S. A., de Gooijer, C., Cornelissen, R., Aerts, J. G., Biesma, B., Heemst, R. V., ... Stigt, J. (2019). Switch maintenance gemcitabine after first-line chemotherapy in patients with malignant mesothelioma: A multicenter open label phase II trial (NVALT19). Annals of Oncology, 30.
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