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  1. 2016
  2. Zwiers, M. (2016). Segregation and Anticommunism in the Cold War Caribbean. Paper presented at IV Biennial Conference of the International Association of Inter-American Studies, Santa Barbara, United States.
  3. van der Poel, S. (2016). The Shoah within European identity. Paper presented at Puzzling Europe, Groningen, Netherlands.
  4. Ossewaarde, R., Jalvingh, F., Jonkers, R., & Bastiaanse, Y. (2016). Computerized assessment of the acoustics of primary progressive aphasia.. Poster session presented at Science of Aphasia conference 17, Venice, Italy.
  5. Marchand, W. (2016). Serving God and Mammon: Wage formation and career mobility among protestant clergy in the Friesland area, 1580-1795. 1-14. Paper presented at Wage formation in early-modern labour markets, London, United Kingdom.
  6. Cezne, E. M., & Hamann, E. (2016). Brazilian Peacekeeping: Challenges and Potentials in Turbulent Landscapes at Home and Internationally. Paper presented at Brazil and Norway: Foreign policy, global governance and the way forward for international cooperation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  7. Karel, E., & Paping, R. (2016). German migration to Groningen and Drenthe in the 19th and early 20th century. Paper presented at new perspectives on the history of migration in the Northern Netherlands and the Northwest of Germany , Groningen, Netherlands.
  8. Knooihuizen, R., Vaatstra, A., & Lowie, W. (2016). Preaspiratión í enskum við føroyskum málrómi. Paper presented at 9. Frændafundur, Reykjavík, Iceland.
  9. Hagedoorn, B. (2016). 'How Televised History Contributes to Cultural Memory'. Paper presented at Serialised Storytelling international conference ‘TV series in contemporary societies’, Groningen, Netherlands.
  10. Zwiers, M. (2016). On the Road to Redemption: Race and Reconciliation in the Post-Jim Crow South. Paper presented at Historians of the 20th Century United States Annual Conference, Middelburg, Netherlands.
  11. Heidecker, K. (2016). The so-called Collectio Sangallensis in the context of other early St Gall formulae-collections. Paper presented at International Medieval Congress 2016, Leeds, United Kingdom.
  12. Hagedoorn, B. (2016). Reflections on A European Comparative Approach to Studying Audio-Visual Representations of the Past. Paper presented at Summerschool ‘Screened Memories: Historical Narratives and Contemporary Visual Culture’, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, Budapest, Hungary.
  13. Keijzer, M. (2016). Plenary address: Aging attriters: How methodological challenges can help construct bilingual theories . Paper presented at International Conference on Language Attrition 3, Colchester, United Kingdom.
  14. van Hengel, G. (2016). The Other War - The Eastern Turn in Great War Historiography. Paper presented at ASEEES-MAG Summer Convention, Lviv, Ukraine.
  15. van Hengel, G. (2016). What it means to be young - Bosnian Students in 1914. Paper presented at Urban Experiences of the Great War in Eastern Europe, Lviv, Ukraine.
  16. Vaatstra, A., Knooihuizen, R., & Lowie, W. (2016). Preaspiration in Faroese-accented English. Paper presented at New Sounds 2016, Aarhus, Denmark.
  17. Knooihuizen, R., & Iosad, P. (2016). Vowel length in Shetland Norn: Contact, change, and competing systems. Paper presented at First AMC Symposium, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
  18. Verwaal, R. (2016). Boerhaave in Groningen: Sporen van Studenten en Scheikunde in Stad en Ommeland, 1700–1775. Paper presented at 250 jaar chemie onder de Martinitoren, Groningen, Netherlands.
  19. Vaatstra, A., Knooihuizen, R., & Lowie, W. (2016). Preaspiration in Faroese-accented English. Paper presented at TABU Dag, Groningen, Netherlands.
  20. Sun, Y. (2016). Environmental Talk in the Chinese Green Public Sphere: A Comparative Analysis of Daily Green-Speak Across Three Chinese Online Forum.. Paper presented at The 2016 International Communication Association Post-Conference and 14th Chinese Internet Research Conference (CIRC), Shanghai, China.
  21. Glatz, T., Tops, W., Maurits, N., & Maassen, B. (2016). Game-based learning in initial reading: evidence from a less transparent language.. Poster session presented at International Workshop on Reading and Developmental Dyslexia (IWORDD), Bilbao, Spain.
  22. Bosnic, A., Spenader, J., Demirdache, H., & Hollebrandse, B. (2016). Testing spatial distribution and exhaustivity in Serbian. Paper presented at 4th Novi Sad workshop on Psycholinguistic, Neurolinguistic and Clinical linguistic research, Novi Sad, Serbia.
  23. Sprenger, S., Bergmann, C., & Schmid, M. (2016). The contribution of collocations to L1 and L2 fluency. 87-88. Poster session presented at International Symposium on Bilingual and L2 processing in Adults and Children, Kaiserslautern, Germany.
  24. Smit, N., de Bot, C., & van de Grift, W. (2016). Using State Space Grids to analyze the dynamics of teacher-student interactions in foreign language classrooms. Paper presented at AAAL - American Association of Applied Linguistics, Orlando, United States.
  25. Marchand, W. (2016). Intergenerational transmission of occupational status before modernization: the case of reformed preachers in Friesland, 1700-1800. 1-21. Paper presented at 11th European Social Science and History Conference, Valencia, Spain.
  26. Keijzer, M. (2016). How new words (don't) become memories: Lexicalization in advanced L1 Dutch learners of L2 English. Paper presented at AAAL - American Association of Applied Linguistics, Orlando, United States.
  27. Williams, M. (2016). Parsing Paper(work) in Early Modern Statecraft. Paper presented at Documenting Paper(work) in International History, New York, United States.
  28. van Rijn, D., Maaß, S., & Sprenger, S. (2016). The pupillary signatures of post-error slowing and error awareness. 356-357. Paper presented at Conference of Experimental Psychologists, Heidelberg, Germany.
  29. Kuo, Y. (2016). Humanistic Confucianism: A Global Project. Paper presented at The Reception and Impact of "Theology", "Religion", and "Philosophy" in East Asia, Berkeley, United States.
  30. Glatz, T., Tops, W., Desoete, A., Maurits, N., & Maassen, B. (2016). Reading acquisition during game-based training in Dutch. Poster session presented at 10th International Conference of the British Dyslexia Association (BDA), Oxford, United Kingdom.
  31. Keijzer, M. (2016). Invited talk: Individual differences in cognitive control advantages of elderly late Dutch-English bilinguals. Paper presented at Amsterdam Center for Language and Cognition lecture series, Amsterdam , Netherlands.
  32. Veenstra, J., Wieling, M., & Horst, C. (2016). Effectiviteit van spraakherkenningssoftware bij blinde sprekers. Poster session presented at Inzicht Ontmoetingsdag 2016, Ermelo, Netherlands.
  33. Tol, G., Borgers, B., & de Haas, T. (2016). Investigating rural pottery production: a view from the Pontine Region.. Poster session presented at Artigiani e la citta, Rome, Italy.
  34. Del Tredici, M., Nissim, M., & Zaninello, A. (2016). Tracing metaphors in time through self-distance in vector spaces. Paper presented at 3rd Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics, CLiC-it 2016 and 5th Evaluation Campaign of Natural Language Processing and Speech Tools for Italian, EVALITA 2016, Napoli, Italy.
  35. Hagedoorn, B. (2016). A European Comparative Approach to Studying AV Representations of the Past. Paper presented at The 6th European Communication Conference (ECC), Prague, 2016. , Prague, Czech Republic.
  36. Suster, S., TItov, I., & van Noord, G. (2016). Bilingual Learning of Multi-sense Embeddings with Discrete Autoencoders. Paper presented at The 15th Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies, San Diego, United States.
  37. van Noord, G., & Oele, D. (2016). Choosing lemmas from Wordnet synsets in Abstract Dependency Trees. Paper presented at Second Workshop on Deep Language Processing for Quality Machine Translation, Varna, Bulgaria.
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