1. Predation risk constrains herbivores’ adaptive capacity to warming

    Veldhuis, M. P., Hofmeester, T. R., Balme, G., Druce, D. J., Pitman, R. T. & Cromsigt, J. P. G. M., 1-Jun-2020, In : Nature Ecology & Evolution.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

  2. Widespread occurrence of a rarely known association between the hydrocorals Stylaster roseus and Millepora alcicornis at Bonaire, southern Caribbean

    Montano, S., Reimer, J., Ivanenko, V., García-Hernández, J., van Moorsel, G., Galli, P. & Hoeksema, B., 30-May-2020, In : Diversity. 12, 6, 9 p., 218.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

  3. DNA barcoding of a stowaway reef coral in the international aquarium trade results in a new distribution record

    Hoeksema, B. & Arrigoni, R., 27-May-2020, In : Marine Biodiversity. 50, 3, 7 p., 41.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

  4. Rethinking classic starling displacement experiments: evidence for innate or for learned migratory directions?

    Piersma, T., Loonstra, A. H. J., Verhoeven, M. A. & Oudman, T., May-2020, In : Journal of Avian Biology. 51, 5, 7 p., e02337.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

  5. Linking the morphology and ecology of subtidal soft-bottom marine benthic habitats: A novel multiscale approach

    Mestdagh, S., Amiri-Simkooei, A., van der Reijden, K. J., Koop, L., O'Flynn, S., Snellen, M., Van Sluis, C., Govers, L. L., Simons, D. G., Herman, P. M. J., Olff, H. & Ysebaert, T., 5-Jun-2020, In : Estuarine coastal and shelf science. 238, 10 p., 106687.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

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  1. Data from: Quantifying water requirements of African ungulates through a combination of functional traits

    Kihwele, E. (Creator), Mchomvu, V. (Creator), Owen-Smith, N. (Creator), Hetem, R. (Creator), Hutchinson, M. (Creator), Potter, A. (Creator), Olff, H. (Creator), Veldhuis, M. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 29-Jan-2020


  2. Data from: Morphological and digestive adjustments buffer performance: how staging shorebirds cope with severe food declines

    Zhang, S. (Creator), Zeng, Z. (Creator), CHOI, C. Y. (Creator), Peng, H. (Creator), Melville, D. S. (Creator), Zhao, T. (Creator), BAI, Q. Q. (Creator), LIU, W. L. (Creator), Chan, Y. (Creator), Gils, J. A. V. (Creator), Piersma, T. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 19-Mar-2019


  3. Data from: Low fitness at low latitudes: wintering in the tropics increases migratory delays and mortality rates in an Arctic breeding shorebird

    Reneerkens, J. (Creator), Versluijs, T. (Creator), Piersma, T. (Creator), Alves, J. A. (Creator), Boorman, M. (Creator), Corse, C. (Creator), Gilg, O. (Creator), Hallgrimsson, G. T. (Creator), Lang, J. (Creator), Loos, B. (Creator), Ntiamoa-Baidu, Y. (Creator), Potts, P. M. (Creator), ten Horn, J. (Creator), Lok, T. (Creator), University of Groningen, 6-Jan-2020


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  1. Lepelaars in de Waddenzee: een kotsverhaal

    Jeltje Jouta (Speaker)

    Activity: Talk or presentationProfessional

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Press / Media
  1. Climate change presents African grazers with tricky decision

    Michiel Veldhuis


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  2. Al 30 jaar natuurbeheer, maar nauwelijks verbetering merkbaar

    Han Olff


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  3. Nieuwe ontdekkingen over relaties tussen gastheerkoraal, krabben en kerstboomwormen

    Bert Hoeksema


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  1. 1st prize - oral presentation at the NAEM 2020

    Beatriz Marin Diaz (Recipient), 11-Feb-2020


  2. Bio Art & Design Award 2014

    Jan Komdeur (Recipient), 20-May-2014


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