Replication Data for: Developmental effects of environmental light on male nuptial coloration in Lake Victoria cichlid fish

Wright, S. (Creator), Rietveld, E. (Creator) & Maan, M. (Creator), University of Groningen, 12-Dec-2017



This dataset contains three subfolders with following information:
1) Data_excel files - Raw data excel sheets for each experiment
- Experiment 1 subfolder - raw data for experiment 1
- Experiment 2 subfolder - raw data for experiment 2

2) R scripts - Scripts used in R analyses
- Experiment 1_PCA - analyses of experiment 1 using principal components
- Experiment 1_Separate colours - analyses for experiment 1 for each colour score separately
- Exp. 1 & 2_Anal fin spots - analyses for experiments 1 & 2, anal fin spots only
- Experiment 2_PCA - analyses for experiment 2 using principal components
- Figures - scripts for figures used in manuscript & supplementary

3) R datasets - Datasets (.csv) used in R analyses, corresponding to the scripts above (#2)
- Saved as .csv from excel sheets
Date made available12-Dec-2017
PublisherUniversity of Groningen
Access to the dataset Open

    Keywords on Datasets

  • Evolution, Development, Cichlid fish, Nuptial coloration, Light

ID: 51646207