IBM-Crosspad on-line handwriting database in STK format - donated exclusively to University of Groningen

Schomaker, L. (Creator), University of Groningen, 6-Sep-2011


  • IBM CORP, International Business Machines (IBM)


This data was donated to AI Dept. RuG by IBM in 2007
It contains *.STK files (ASCII) containing on-line
handwriting pen-tip coordinates (x,y). The format
can be converted to unipen.
For internal use at RuG only. You may request access to the files in this upload, provided that you fulfil the conditions below. The decision whether to grant/deny access is solely under the responsibility of the record owner.
Date made available6-Sep-2011
PublisherUniversity of Groningen
Access to the dataset Restricted

    Keywords on Datasets

  • handwriting, online handwriting, pen-tip coordinates, IBM Crosspad

ID: 67181615