Gender-difference, school and occupation 1978

Bosman, M. (Creator), Louwes, B. (Creator), van der Meer, A. (Creator), University of Groningen, 8-Jun-2007


  • Maria Bosman (Creator)
  • B Louwes (Creator)
  • A van der Meer (Creator)


Influence of sex difference on educational and occupational career, measured in retrospective design. Educational and occupational career of a control group of boys and girls / jobs / employment / attitude and opinions on work / employment / career / income / partner education and occupation / parents education and occupation / opinions on parental attitude towards education / motives for choice of school career / military service / attitude towards sex differences and towards social and political issues / original test data from investigation in 1959 in 6th year of primary school. Background variables: basic characteristics/ residence/ housing situation/ household characteristics/ characteristics of parental family/household/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education/ social class/ politics/ organizational membership
Date made available8-Jun-2007
PublisherUniversity of Groningen
Temporal coverage1978 - 1978
Date of data production1-Feb-1978 - 1-May-1978
Geographical coverageThe Netherlands
Access to the dataset Restricted

    Keywords on Datasets

  • employment, education, occupations, gender roles, family life, schools

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