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With our documentary we want to show how our environment is effected by the daily consumption of meat and what it does with our society. We want to show what a vegan diet can do to prevent further catastrophes and how it can safe our planet. We are a group of five student who all have a different opinion about the topic. We decided that we want to tell a more Vegan activistic story. In which we don’t want to blame people for eating how they eat. Because everybody for itself has to decide what he puts into his body and what not. The goal was to give people a glimpse into the vegan world and the meat eating world. We want people to be more conscious about what they put in their body and how it effects their surroundings. Because we live in such a fast paced world we are not taking the time any more to look after ourselves. Food has to be provided easily and is full with stuff we don’t even know about. And the process until we can put the food in our mouths is sometimes morally and ethically not acceptable. The documentary shows a way of living which is all about caring, protecting and not harming any living creature on this planet to live all  together in a peaceful way.

This documentary was a project from the study course "Medialism" at the Hanzehogeschool Groningen - University of Applied Sciences.


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