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Onder dementieprofessoren: Een overzicht van hun werk en inzichten

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Robbert Huijsman, director of Geriant, conducted interviews with dementia professors in the Netherlands in 2018 (44). They all have their own vision, but do they also have a common image about the future of dementia care? Huijsman has processed the interviews in 'Among dementia professors'. This bundle, made possible by Alzheimer Nederland and Vilans, provides a unique overview of all facets of research and care in the dementia field. Prof. dr. Martien Kas was one of the contributing professors to this e-book.
For the first time, the work, the research areas, cooperation partners and the insights of professors who deal with dementia in the Netherlands have been clearly arranged. Conclusion: the scientists have a great need for more and closer multidisciplinary cooperation at national level. This also includes a joint dialogue and programming of future research programs. Part B includes portraits of all dementia professors, including their main lines of research and key publications. The many hyperlinks provide direct access to their work.


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