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2020 NVBMB prize awarded to Dr. Paulino

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Dr. Christina Paulino from the Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute (GBB) has been awarded the 2020 NVBMB prize. The prize is worth EUR 2,000 and is handed out since 1981 to give recognition to the work of a highly talented young independent biochemist or molecular biologist working in the Netherlands. Dr. Paulino has a research group focusing on elucidating the mechanism of action of membrane transporters (secondary- and primary-active) and channels on a molecular level and heads the cryo-electron microscopy facility.

Dr. Christina PaulinoDr. Christina Paulino

The jury rates Dr. Paulino as a very talented structural biologist with an excellent track record and international reputation. The jury also was impressed by Dr. Paulino’s outreach activities to support women in science.

Paulino focusses on hybrids between membrane transporters and channels, many of which are potential drug targets. In addition, Dr. Paulino studies the interplay between lipids and membrane proteins, an often-neglected area. The Dutch Research Council, NWO, awarded her both Veni and Start-up grants.


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