Workshop 8 Sustainable Development Goals: Renewable Energy in the SDGs: Barriers, Opportunities, Interaction

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Margarita Nieves Zárate - Speaker

Sustainable Development Goals in Latin America: A Look at the Role of Renewable Energy

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are one of the international commitments driving renewable energies in Latin America. The SDG7, ‘to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all’, and its target 7.2, which aims to increase substantially the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix, may contribute to the energy system in the region in at least four ways: a) ensure access to electricity, b) provide modern energy, 3) increase the reliability of the energy system, and 4) enhance energy security.
The share of renewable energy sources in total final energy consumption in the region is already one of the highest in the world due to hydropower and bioenergy sources. However, the region has not achieved universal electricity access: around 15 million people do not have access to this service and over 56 million people rely on traditional uses of solid biofuels for cooking and heating. Due to the high vulnerability of hydropower to climate change, there is a general consensus in the region regarding the need for diversifying the energy mix, where renewable sources such as solar and wind still have a modest share. Achieving SDG7 may also contribute to energy security since most Latin American countries import fossil fuels. In this context, the SDG7 plays an important role guiding governments and policymakers in Latin America.
One of the key challenges in order to provide electricity for all in the region is to increase the share of non-hydropower renewables which offer on-grid and off-grid electricity solutions. Though this may seem a technical and financial challenge, national legislation may foster or deter the achievement of this goal. Therefore, from the legal discipline the question is how do the legislation and regulatory measures contribute to ensure energy access and promote renewable energy sources in Latin America? From national laws promoting renewable energy targets to the lack of a comprehensive regional agreement to promote energy integration, this presentation identified the legal and regulatory measures adopted in Latin America in order to achieve SDG7 as well as its positive and negative interactions with other SDGs.

Workshop 8 Sustainable Development Goals: Renewable Energy in the SDGs: Barriers, Opportunities, Interaction

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