Where is the model? From first principles to data-driven methods: The challenge of Deep Learning

Activity: Talk or presentationAcademic

Lambert Schomaker - Speaker

Neural networks are enjoying renewed interest under the banner of 'Deep Learning'.
Some astronomers may have been using neural networks in the past without being impressed. However, monthly breakthroughs in deep learning are now the rule, in various application domains, varying from self-driving cars to medical diagnostics. The most impressive results are in the realm of images. It would be surprising if astronomers were unable to exploit the new possibilities. A brief introduction of the line of thinking in general machine learning and the history of neural networks if given, followed by concrete examples and suggestions for use of Deep Learning in astronomy.

Event (Conference)

Title74th Dutch Astronomers' Conference
Abbrev. TitleNAC
LocationKapteyn Institute / Fletcher hotel Paterswolde
Degree of recognitionNational event

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