Total Periodontal Inflammatory Burden Assessed By Partial-Mouth Examination

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Alina Kunnen - Speaker

    Standard periodontal parameters do not quantify the surface of inflamed periodontal tissue in mm², while this is preferred to assess the impact of periodontitis on systemic health, especially in epidemiological studies. The Periodontal Inflamed Surface Area index (PISA) calculates this surface from pocket depth measurements. The present study uses the PISA to examine the performance of split-mouth examinations (SME-PISA) and the Ramfjord Index Teeth (RIT-PISA) to assess the total full-mouth inflammatory burden posed by periodontitis in adults. In this retrospective cross-sectional study, the SME-PISA (two contralateral quadrants) and RIT-PISA (six predefined teeth) were calculated based on 300 periodontal records obtained between 2014-2015 from the University Medical Center Groningen and subsequently compared with the full-mouth examinations (FME-PISA).

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