Passive remote behavioural monitoring in PRISM, an Innovative Medicine Initiative project

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Martien Kas - Invited speaker

INTERACTIVE DISCUSSION SESSION – How can both patients and research benefit from digital technology?

Digital technology is the means to store and transmit data in binary form. The speed, accuracy and miniature scale on which this now occurs has already transformed how we work. It is widely assumed that a comparable transformation will take place in how we provide healthcare. However, how this can and should happen has not yet become obvious. Indeed, some of the problems that marked the early development of medicines are apparent in the early applications of technology to health care. Are appliances effective, are they safe and who should pay for them? These questions clearly resonate with the same issues for analogue devices and for medicines themselves. This session will concentrate on the current application of digital technology to the simple measurement of patient experience. Major joint initiatives with industry are ongoing in mental health. We will provide a forum for updating on current progress and discussion of future directions. In the tradition of ECNP, it will bring together clinical scientists from academia, industry and the regulatory authorities.

Event (Conference)

TitleECNP congress - Barcelona 2018
Degree of recognitionInternational event

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