Panel: Narrating the Past, Transforming the Present: Unravelling Collective Memory in the Ancient World

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Manos Pagkalos - Organiser

Stelios Damigos - Participant

Helena Domínguez-del Triunfo - Participant

Stefanos Apostolou - Participant

    Collective identities are based on narrative constructs that social groups communicate to internal and external audiences. These constructs gradually become ‘traditions’, through performance or ritualisation, and are perpetuated by social mechanisms. This collection of papers examines the development of different forms of communicating stories and perceptions of identity in the Ancient Greek world. Local histories, imbued to the very core of the community, became a distinct genre after the late Classical period and an essential aspect of communal perceptions of the past. Tales of phyletic descent were used as separators between different population groups and made their mark on communities’ pasts. On several occasions, however, narratives of the past were consciously modified as an answer to contemporary social and political needs. Different perceptions of geographical space were a direct outcome of political developments and changing worldviews, thus adding a temporal aspect to geography and allowing communities to subscribe to multiple identities. The panel examines the ways communities, and individuals re-evaluated relations, actual and conceptual space, and their past in Classical Antiquity. Moreover, it explores the issue of agency to establish by whom, how, and to what purpose
    the past was negotiated continuously in the Greek world.

    Panel: Narrating the Past, Transforming the Present: Unravelling Collective Memory in the Ancient World: Classical Association Conference 2020

    Abbreviated titleCA 2020
    Location of eventDepartment of Classics, Ancient History and Egyptology, Swansea University
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