Dutch Neuroscience meeting 2017

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Peter Meerlo - Chair

Organizer and co-chair of a symposium session:

The role of sleep in regulating neuronal plasticity and cognitive function

Sleep is truly one of the biggest mysteries in behavioral neuroscience. Humans and other animals spend a substantial portion of their lives asleep, yet the functions of sleep continue to be a topic of debate. This debate is complicated by the fact that are there two completely different forms of sleep, slow-wave sleep and rapid-eye-movement sleep, each of which may have its own function. Many of the recent hypotheses on the functions of sleep presume that it serves a crucial role in neuronal maintenance and plasticity, which ultimately are important for brain function in terms of alertness, information processing, memory formation and emotional regulation. This symposium will present recent views and data on the importance of sleep for brain function, from molecular mechanisms to behavioural output, with special emphasis on the question how sleep and sleep loss ultimately affect cognition and mood. In addition, the session will address the potential clinical implications of insufficient sleep and the role this may play in the development of psychiatric disorders.

Dutch Neuroscience meeting 2017

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