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Bachelor level

Marine Biology (MB) on the Bachelor level is largely taught as integrative component of a large number of Biology Bachelor courses, in particular the courses taught in the Major Ecology and Evolution. In the second or third year you can follow the Marine Biology Research Course (10 ECTs, Major Ecology and Evolution) during which you will perform a Marine Biology Research project in one of the MB Research Departments (Ocean Ecosystems, MARBEE, MarECON). Finally, you can write your Bachelor Thesis (5 ECTs) on a MB topic as a follow-up of your research project carried out during the MB Research course.

General information

The Dutch-taught Bachelor's degree in Biology has been labeled an excellent program by the 'Keuzegids Universiteiten 2013'. It also belongs to the Excellence Group the German Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE).

It is a three-year program. In the first semester, all students take the same two modules. In the first module, the focal point is on the living cell. You will learn about Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics and Evolution. The second module focuses on the complex organism, with courses in Physiology and Ecology. After the first semester, you will choose a major: Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Ecology and Evolution (which includes Marine Biology), Behavioral and Neuroscience, or Molecular Life Sciences. You will specialize in one area and carry out your own research. There is one semester in this Bachelor's degree in which you are free to choose any course you like.

More information on the Bachelor program.
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