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Research GBB Microbial Physiology & Host-Microbe Interactions Dijkhuizen group


Prof.dr. Lubbert Dijkhuizen

email: l.dijkhuizen(at)
phone: +31(0)50 3632150 (secretariat)
room: 5174.0016

email: Lubbert(at)
CarbExplore Group BV
Zernikepark 12
9747 AN Groningen

Postal address:

University of Groningen
Microbial Physiology
P.O.Box 11103
9700CC Groningen

Visit us:

You can find the secretariat in the middle chunk of the Linnaeusborg building on the 7th floor. To minimize the chances of getting lost, have a look here


Bea Zand Scholten
email:  b.zand.scholten(at)
phone: 32150

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