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Johann Bernoulli lezing 19 March 201807 maart 2018
Volgende Johann Bernoulli lezing 3 april06 februari 2017
DTEC grant awarded for Visual Storytelling of Big Imaging Data21 december 2016
PhD Rozema Dutch candidate for ECCOMAS award14 april 2016
Afscheidsrede Henk Broer20 november 2015
Sustainable Buildings team from the Distributed Systems group wins the Sustainable Campus International Competition21 september 2015
Horizon 2020 grant for the Intelligent Systems group21 september 2015
STW grant for the Intelligent Systems group21 september 2015
Workshop in honour of the 60th birtdays of Arjan van der Schaft and Harry Trentelman12 juli 2015
Opening DSSC Centre 11 June11 juni 2015
Community Award03 juni 2015
26e Johann Bernoulli lezing maandag 13 april 201505 maart 2015
Getting Ready for Horizon 2020! Attend the JBI Toogdag 04-12-201404 december 2014
Prof. Harry Trentelman IEEE Fellow26 november 2014
Johann Bernoulli lezing 25: From Johann Bernoulli to Optimal Control: a tale of missed opportunities08 juli 2014
Wiskunde Alumnidag10 mei 2014
Johann Bernoulli lezing 24: Bernoulli en de Wederopstanding, over wiskunde, wetenschap en geloof in de Gouden Eeuw10 mei 2014
Johann Bernoulli lezing 23: Parabool en kettinglijn, hyperbool en lemniscaat, Jakob en Johann24 maart 2014
More micro-grids expertise for Groningen07 maart 2014
First Rank Performance in the sbv IMPROVER Species Translation Challenge31 oktober 2013
Binomial sums with old fashioned proofs - A.J. Stam18 september 2013
JC Willems passed away05 september 2013
Afscheidssymposium prof. A. Veldman27 augustus 2013
Johann Bernoulli lezing: Henri Poincaré and mathematical physics one hundred years ago18 maart 2013
Prof. Wit European chair of Bernoulli Society23 januari 2013