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Reasoning skills

Learning to reason is paramount in science and mathematics education. The way secondary and university students learn scientific reasoning, argumentative reasoning, logical reasoning, mathematical reasoning, moral reasoning in socio-scientific issues are important topics in ISEC research. In some of the research projects our focus is on the role of the teacher or on student teachers.

Take a look at the following research projects:

·         Quantum physics in secondary school

·         Blending of physics and mathematics in undergraduate physics courses

·         Logical reasoning in mathematics by highschool students

·         Geometrical proof by Indonesian student teachers

·         Moral reasoning in upper level secondary biology

·         Science undergruadates and teaching careers

·         Academic reading and writing in undergraduate science courses

·         Mathematical reasoning in secondary and undergraduate courses

·         Digital feedback in learning mathematics and physics

·         Professional development in schools and companies

·         The attitudes of high school students towards science and research

Last modified:10 December 2019 12.22 p.m.