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Logical reasoning in secondary school

Learning to reason (logically) is of major importance for future life. As such, it is related with the 21st century skills framework. At present, the development of logical reasoning skills is undervalued in mathematics education. Recently, logical reasoning was introduced as a new topic in Dutch mathematics education for non-majors (mathematics-C for Culture & Society students).

This design-based research project explores the ways 11th and 12th graders learn to reason logically. The focus is on the role of formalizations -like schemes and Venn diagrams - to support students in their reasoning.

Researchers: Hugo Bronkhorst, Gerrit Roorda, Cor Suhre, Martin Goedhart

Key publications:

Bronkhorst, H., Roorda, G., Suhre, C., & Goedhart, M. (2021). Student development in logical reasoning: Results of an intervention guiding students through different modes of visual and formal representation. Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education. Advance online publication.

Bronkhorst, H., Roorda, G., Suhre, C., & Goedhart, M. (2020). Logical reasoning in formal and everyday reasoning tasks. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 18(8), 1673–1694.

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