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Thinking about History and Historical Culture

The University of Groningen has a long and internationally recognized expertise in the metahistorical reflection of history and culture. The aim of this research group is twofold: to surpass the limits of one single historiographical perspective and to analyze human memory as it manifests itself in (auto-)biographical writing, historical products of individuals or groups that collect, record or write ‘their own’ history such as game designers, historical novelists and film producers.

Members: 15, PhD Students: 7


SPICE (Scientific Personae in Cultural Encounters): Professor Dr. Mineke Bosch (RUG) Prof. Dr. Kirsti Niskanen (Stockholm University), Prof. Dr. Kaat Wils (KU Leuven): SPICE (Scientific Personae in Cultural Encounters)

1 Postdoc Researcher and four PhD students funded by the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Memorial Fund and by the Ubbo Emmius Fund: €500.000

Researchers in SPICE approach the history of scholarly, scientific or academic persona formation in and through specific constitutive experiences while taking into account the impact of the wider social and cultural context of gender, race and class. The project combines comparative and transnational history with discourse and rhetorical analysis, and analysis of visual representations. Basic sources include scholarship applications and travel reports, personal correspondence, published and unpublished travel letters, accounts of international conference visits, photographic reports and portrayals by scientists.

Key publication

Runia, E., Moved by the Past. Discontinuity and Historical Mutation, New York: Columbia University Press 2014, 264p.

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