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Sound Toll Registers Online (STRO) Annual Conference Early Modern Trade & Transport

From:Th 25-10-2018
Until:Fr 26-10-2018
Where:Marie Lokezaal, Harmonie Building

The University of Groningen and Tresoar, the Frisian Historical and Literary Centre at Leeuwarden have been building an electronic database for the Sound Toll Registers (STR), dubbed Sound Toll Registers online, short: STRO. The database is freely accessible via the internet.

These records of the toll the king of Denmark levied on the passage of ships through the Sound, the strait between Denmark and Sweden linking the North Sea and the Baltic, are in important source of researching economic history of Europe and the larger world. They have been preserved for about 300 of the 360 years from 1497 to 1857 and include a practically uninterrupted series from 1574 to 1857. The STR contain information on about 1.8 million passages.

Non-speakers are welcome to attend the conference. If you are interested, please register before time. You will need to pay Euro 10/- per day and Euro 30/- for the Conference Dinner. i.e, Euro 50/- for full conference participation. Please contact Jan Willem Veluwenkamp for more details.

More information can be found in the conference programme.