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Chair Group Members

The Chair Group IR & Security Studies consists of the following permanent staff members:




Xavier Guillaume IR social, political and normative theory of the international ; international relations theory ; critical approaches to security ; citizenship ; historical international relations ; everyday resistance  ; postcolonial studies
Jana Hönke IR, Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary Area Studies Governance beyond the state and new political geographies; non-traditional security and policing, esp. business/resources/infrastructure security; Global South in world politics, South-South relations, esp.peace/security/development interventions and Subsahara Africa; contentious politics and resistance; international political sociology, postcolonial, ethnographic approaches to IR

Christoph Humrich

Political Science, Philosophy, Sociology, IR

Normative IR Theory; Critical Theory; Arctic Security

Caitlin Ryan IR Feminist and postcolonial security studies; West Africa; Women Peace and Security Agenda; Palestine
David Shim IR, Political Science, Asian Studies Theories of International Relations; Visual Studies; Political Geography/Critical Geopolitics; Theories of Discourse; East Asian Studies

Nadine Voelkner

Social Research Methods, IR

Global Politics of Health, Critical Security Studies

Jaap de Wilde

History, IR

Security Studies; European Security; Environmental (Energy) Security

Current PhD projects




Bastiaan Aardema Globalisation Studies and Humanitarian Action, IR Humanitarian Action, Development, NGOs, transition-strategies, Non-Western Politics & International Relations
Agha Bayramov IR Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan, Energy Security and Cooperation, International Conflict Management
Eric Cezne IR Political geographies of infrastructure in Mozambique; role of rising powers in global governance; South-South cooperation
Barbara Gruber IR The Psychologization of Security through Resilience
Sarah Katz-Lavigne IR Peace, conflict, and the governance of large-scale mining on the Congolese copperbelt
Yaruslava Marusyk IR; Political Science Energy security, Energy transition, Sustainability, Global governance, International society, Geopolitics, International conflict management.
Philipp Olbrich International Relations
Asian Studies
Technology and International Security; Security Governance; New Materialist Approaches; Satellite Observation; North Korea
Elisabeth Schweiger IR, International Law International law, critical theory, targeted killing and silence in customary international law).
Annisa Wiharani IR
Stef Wittendorp Critical Security Studies; Securitization theory; (Counter-)Terrorism
Completed PhD projects
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