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CIRR-HTIR Colloquium - Prof. Rosalind Hackett: "Sonic Sensibilities and Possibilities for the 21st Century Scholar"

When:We 12-12-2018 16:00 - 18:00
Where:Academy Building, Room A7

Prof. Hackett will address the interdisciplinary turn to sound and hearing, providing context for this sonic turn and discussion of core concepts (such as “listening,” “silence,” “noise,” “soundscape,” and “acoustemology”) and influential figures in the burgeoning field of sound studies. She will explore the political, social and aesthetic possibilities of sound-based research, such as how sound mediates relationships between resistance and power and reinforces distinctions and challenges hierarchies, emphasizing that sound is both materially produced as well as experienced, interpreted and imagined. Additionally, she will discuss recent efforts to decolonize sound studies and to theorize sound writing, not forgetting the exciting new world of sound arts. She also plans to share some of her own research on sound and religion, especially in relation to gender.