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Research Themes

Research within the European Politics and Society (EPS) Chair Group seeks to advance knowledge of democracy in Europe in view of particular societal and political problems, developments, norms, crises, and conflicts—past and present.

Areas of particular interest include:

  • Concept analysis and qualitative methods (Tortola)
  • Cosmopolitan European political theory and critical theory (Rensmann)
  • European integration theory and institutions (Tortola)
  • Environmental politics (Milder)
  • European politics and sports (Rensmann)
  • European populism and the radical right (Couperus, Rensmann)
  • History of democratic theory and practice (Couperus, Milder)
  • Racism and antisemitism (Rensmann)
  • Social in/exclusion (Couperus)
  • Social movements (Milder)
  • State theory and institutionalism (Tortola)
  • Urban policy and democracy (Couperus)
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