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CIRR-EPS Research colloquium: Technocracy and (de)politicization

When:Fr 14-12-2018 14:00 - 16:00

Underlying controversies over the existing and appropriate relationship between technocracy and politics are often implicit disagreements on the meaning of term technocracy as well as the concepts capturing the latter’s links with the political sphere, above all depoliticization and politicization. To bring these disagreements to the fore, and tackle the current fragmentation of the technocracy/politics debate, this chapter presents a systematic analysis of the nexus between the two, which posits (de)politicization as the key dimension along which different conceptualizations of technocracy vary. In doing so, the chapter therefore achieves a twofold goal: it clarifies the links between technocracy and politics, and formulates a unified conceptual framework that includes the three main usages of the former term: a) technocracy as a decision-making method; b) technocracy as a type of government; c) technocracy as a type of regime.

Information: Pier Domenico Tortola