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AiS - Arts, Medium, Moving Images guest lecture: Andrew Tucker

When:Tu 12-12-2017 18:00 - 20:00
Where:Marie Lokezaal

Andrew Tucker is an award winning documentary filmmaker and lecturer at the Film and Audiovisual Department of the University of Magdalena in Santa Maria, Colombia. In his guest lecture, he will discuss one of the pressing questions in documentary filmmaking: how do we represent the other (the filmed) in relation to the self (the filmmaker)?

Many filmmaking techniques and styles, from positivistic “voice-of-god” narrated documentaries to purely observational cinema have all attempted to ascertain a degree of fidelity towards the subject matter. The dichotomy between the filmmaker and the filmed, the self and the other, has more often than not created a division of understanding with different perspectives and expectations towards film, in particular when we have to bridge cultural, social and linguistic gaps.

In this presentation, Tucker will analyse, with examples of his film-work in Colombia, how oral tradition, archaic and mythological story structure are combined with the western based art of filmmaking, how this practice can have far-reaching consequences in the re-assignment of image-based meaning through mimesis, turning film into fetish, and how we might achieve a de-colonization of the moving image.

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