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Euroculture ALBA Lecture - Guido van Hengel, " Fantasies, Visions, and Nightmares: Searching for a better Europe in the Interwar period"

When:We 17-10-2018 16:30 - 18:00
Where:Glass Hall, Van Swinderen Huys
flyer ALBA lecture 2018

Euroculture Master of Arts warmly invites you to join a guest lecture: Fantasies, Visions, and Nightmares - Searching for a better Europe in the Interwar period by historian and writer, Guido van Hengel.

This lecture is part of the ALBA series - the Annual Liesbeth Brouwer Address. Liesbeth Brouwer (1953 – 2006) was an active and inspirational lecturer who contributed significantly and creatively to the development of the Euroculture programme – not only at the University of Groningen, but also within the Euroculture consortium. To honour her legacy, ALBA has been established, in memory of Liesbeth’s multi- and interdisciplinary contribution to the programme.

We tend to begin the history of European integration with the end of World War II, as a ‘Postwar’ wake up moment. European federalism, however, has a pre-history that goes back into the Interwar period, an episode that was far from bright and peaceful. In his lecture, Guido van Hengel will reflect on the recent revival of ‘pre-war’ visions of European integration and disintegration. Is this revival just a hype, or will the EU-narrative really be countered by these Interwar European fantasies, visions, and nightmares?

The talk will take place on 17 October in the Glass Hall of the Van Swinderen Huys, and will start at 16:30. The event is concluded with a drink.