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Workshop - Gender Equity in Academia

When:Fr 30-09-2022 15:00 - 17:00
Where:Collaboratory A, Harmonie building

Please join us for a workshop which explores the relevance of concepts related to gender equity and equality at academic institutions such as the University of Groningen. During the workshop we will introduce some key terms as well as recent figures relating to gender dynamics within both academia at large and Dutch institutions. In the second hour, we will break-out into smaller groups to consider how gender dynamics impact particular facets of institutional life such as R&O procedures, staff meetings, and the design of course materials.

The workshop is intended as a low-key discussion in an open and welcoming environment which will help you navigate some key terminology, explain its relevance to you and explore how it will improve your collegial interactions as well as your teaching and research!

We welcome all genders and levels of staff at all academic career levels to take part.

To prepare for the workshop, you can read one or two of these texts:

  • Clancy, K. B., Cortina, L. M., & Kirkland, A. R. (2020). “Opinion: Use science to stop sexual harassment in higher education.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117(37), 22614-22618. DOI:
  • United Nations, Global Issues: Gender Equality:
  • Ahmed, Sara. (2012). “On being included.” In On Being Included. Duke University Press. (Available as e-book in the UG library)

The event is co-organised by the Young Arts Network and the Centre for Gender Studies.