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YARN - Decolonise the Classroom - NAVAN GOVENDER: "Monumental: Critical Literacies & Decolonial Praxis"

When:We 02-02-2022 13:00 - 15:00
Poster containing the same information as the text. The title is accented with a crossed pencil and paintbrush. A portrait of a casually dressed and smiling Dr. Govender accompanies the "about the speaker" section.

Decolonise the Classroom is a workshop series organized by the Young Arts Network.

Monumental: Critical Literacies & Decolonial Praxis

In this session we will explore how critical literacies might be used as a means to make the decolonial turn in higher education. Participants will read and raise questions about a local artifact in Glasgow, Scotland, before discussing how critical discourse analysis, as a critical literacy practice, was used to turn toward decolonial praxis in one university module. Using this example, participants will also be asked to reflect on their own fields, disciplines, places of work and living, to consider possibilities for doing critical literacies and decolonial praxis in contextually relevant ways.

About the speaker

Dr. Navan Govender is a lecturer in Applied Language & Literacy Education at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, UK. Their research interests include critical literacies (i.e. the relationship betweenlanguage, literacy, and power), multimodality (i.e. how meaning making traverses multiplesign systems), and identity (taken from an intersectional perspective, particularly inrelation to (a)gender and (a)sexual diversity, race/ethnicity, and language variety).