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Open Access - Jop de Vrieze - 'Open Access, Open Science: Have We Entered a New Era?'

When:Tu 26-06-2018 13:15 - 14:15
Where:Offerhauszaal, Academy Building

Open access: Free and full access to academic research

Open access means free, immediate, permanent, online and full-text access to academic research. In the Netherlands open access (and more broadly open science) is a national priority and has been embraced by all major stakeholders: the government, the national research council (NWO) and all Dutch universities. The Dutch National Plan for Open Science sets out to make all publicly-funded scientific publications 100% open access by 2020.

These lectures will present concrete examples of how a sustainable transition to Fair Open Access can be achieved and will illustrate how open science is transforming every aspect of scientific research - from data archiving and sharing, to research dissemination and research assessment.

Organizers: Miguel Santin, Giulia Trentacosti, Angeliek van Hout.

Organized in collaboration with the LOT Summerschool in Linguistics and the Open Access Team of the University of Groningen Library. Funded by NWO and University of Groningen.

Jop de Vrieze, ' Open Access, Open Science – Have we entered a new era?'

Open access to scientific publications has been a goal among many scientists and policy makers for over fifteen years. Recently, their work is starting to bear fruit and in particular the Netherlands is playing a leading role in this development.

#Openscience is currently gaining momentum, with more journals requiring or giving opportunities for data sharing, registered reports and open peer review. Have we entered a new era of improved science? Will the current solutions stick and will they genuinely improve the scientific enterprise and the scientific knowledge it produces?


Jop de Vrieze is an Amsterdam-based science journalist. His articles have appeared in publications such as Science Mag, NRC, Intermediair, NWT Magazine and New Scientist (among others). In 2016 he received the Gold Award at the prestigious AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards in the category ‘large newspapers’. Recently, he authored a series of reportages for De Groene Amsterdammer about the challenges affecting scientists today. The series is titled Worstelende Wetenschap (Struggling Science).