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Open Access - Johan Rooryck: 'Towards Fair Open Access'

When:Tu 19-06-2018 13:15 - 14:15
Where:Room M.0161, Munting Building, Grote Kruisstraat 2/1

Open access: Free and full access to academic research

Open access means free, immediate, permanent, online and full-text access to academic research. In the Netherlands open access (and more broadly open science) is a national priority and has been embraced by all major stakeholders: the government, the national research council (NWO) and all Dutch universities. The Dutch National Plan for Open Science sets out to make all publicly-funded scientific publications 100% open access by 2020.

These lectures will present concrete examples of how a sustainable transition to Fair Open Access can be achieved and will illustrate how open science is transforming every aspect of scientific research - from data archiving and sharing, to research dissemination and research assessment.

Organizers: Miguel Santin, Giulia Trentacosti, Angeliek van Hout.

Organized in collaboration with the LOT Summerschool in Linguistics and the Open Access Team of the University of Groningen Library. Funded by NWO and University of Groningen.

Prof. Johan Rooryck: 'Towards Fair Open Access'

In traditional publishing, journals are largely financed via subscription, with authors signing away their copyright. Traditional publishers often facilitate open access publication, but charge authors a flat and arbitrary fee that varies according to the perceived reputation of the journal. Under Fair Open Access, authors retain copyright and never pay for publication charges. Funders and library consortia pay publishers a reasonable and transparently structured fee for the publication of individual articles, which is unrelated to the journal reputation.

This talk will illustrate this model with a pilot project: Linguistics in Open Access, which has successfully flipped 4 linguistics journals to Fair Open Access with the help of the Association of Dutch Universities (VSNU) and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).


Johan Rooryck is a professor of French linguistics at Leiden University. He has been the Executive Editor of Lingua, one of the foremost linguistics journals, from 1999 to 2015. In 2015, he resigned from this role (together with the rest of the editorial team) after the publisher (Elsevier) refused to publish Lingua under conditions of Fair Open Access. The editorial team and board then went on to found the Fair Open Access journal Glossa.

Prof. Rooryck is an active promoter of Fair Open Access and he is currently the president of Linguistics in Open Access and of the Fair Open Access Alliance.