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RCA | AiS - Guest Lecture - Rita Felski (U of Virginia): 'Hooked: Art and Attachment'

When:Fr 08-06-2018 11:30 - 13:00
Where:Heymanszaal, Academy Building

Rita Felski is the William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of English at the University of Virginia. Until very recently, she was the editor of New Literary History, and in 2016 she was awarded a Niels Bohr Professorship to lead a research project on "Uses of Literature: The Social Dimensions of Literature," at the University of Southern Denmark. Her specialties are A esthetics, Interpretation, Literary Theory, and Methodology. She is the author of Beyond Feminist Aesthetics (Harvard UP, 1989), The Gender of Modernity (Harvard UP, 1995), Doing Time: Feminist Theory and Postmodern Culture (New York UP, 2000), Literature After Feminism (Chicago UP, 2003), Uses of Literature (Blackwell Manifesto, 2008), and, most recently, The Limits of Critique (Chicago UP, 2015). Her lecture draws from her recent work on forms of aesthetic attachment: how and why we get stuck to works of art. Individual chapters are devoted to the complexities of attunement, identification, and affiliation.