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2.1 Fleshing out the objectives: acquiring and consolidating knowledge regarding Telecare

Although the vision stated above is widely endorsed, putting it into practice is proving more difficult. Many of the present initiatives involving Telecare in an extramural context are based on a sound business case. Most have been subjected to a technology push approach, whereby the interaction between user and technology has not been not fully recognized. In addition, little research (national or international) has been conducted into Telecare. Most of the research that has been carried out focuses on the medical aspects, and there is too little emphasis on the business/economic foundations, the possibilities of more efficient care and the user’s perspective.

So from a social and scientific point of view, more research into Telecare is needed. This is I2Care’s primary objective. The main focus is on the extramural aspects, but as chain care is also involved, it would be better if the studies were to include the transition of patients between care institutes and the home.

The research is expected to produce practical business/economic knowledge about Telecare. These business aspects refer to questions such as:

  • Which implementation strategy is most effective with users and under which circumstances?
  • Which product features encourage the various stakeholders to adopt the product?
  • What are the possible consequences of Telecare for the way care is organized?
  • What is the basis of the business case for Telecare per stakeholder?
  • Which other aspects of the user’s personal life should be included, apart from the actual care?

This knowledge can only be acquired via meticulous empirical research in the practical situation, preferably situations that can be influenced in terms of implementation approach, product and consequences of the care. We refer to these situations as living labs.

2.2 Developing the objectives: disseminating knowledge regarding Telecare (eHealth)

The second objective of I2Care is to disseminate knowledge within the region. This does not only involve disseminating scientific insight among the academic community. Like the majority of knowledge institutes, the University of Groningen has a mission regarding knowledge: where possible, knowledge should be pumped back into society in order to create social value.

In the original plan, I2Care intended to realize this through:

  • conferences, seminars, workshops etc.
  • projects in which Telecare took shape in the form of living labs
  • a knowledge centre to analyze Telecare projects and relevant experiences
  • a demonstration site for Telecare applications (Mediplaza), also accessible to students on graduation projects.

Over the last five years, we have partially realized these objectives, based on this experience, we have amended our vision of Telecare and eHealth and therefore changed the focus of I2Care.

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