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Research Heymans Institute Organisation Ethical Committee Psychology

Ethical Committee of Psychology (ECP)


To review research protocols of members of the Heymans Institute for Psychological Research on ethical aspects with due regard to relevant national, European, and international laws, rules, and guidelines.


  • To refer researchers to the local Medical-Ethical Evaluation Committee (METC) whenever necessary;

  • To approve research protocols of which the review was positive (the ECP issues a statement of no objection);

  • To suspend or revoke a positive review of a protocol if there reasonable grounds to assume that continuation of the research would lead to the imposition of unacceptable difficulties or risks on the human participants involved.

The procedures of the ECP are informed by the National Code of Ethics for Research in the Social and Behavioural Sciences involving Human Participants as formulated by the National Ethics Council for Social and Behavioural Sciences (see Links and Downloads page).




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