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Flagship 1: Sustainable Entrepreneurship and the Circular Economy

The research for this flagship is performed by the team of the Centre for Sustainable Entrepreneurship ( In our Centre, academic scholars collaborate with business to develop and implement sustainable entrepreneurship to enable a social, environmental, and value-creating circular economy. Joint teams of academic scholars and business leaders disentangle the complexity of sustainable entrepreneurship dedicated to foster a circular economy. The research shows how business can benefit from sustainability by transforming their product configurations, supply chains and their value propositions to their customers. The research defines and solves a wide range of business challenges and the transformation to a circular economy including:

  • how can we visualise and measure the sustainability of an organization?
  • what are the most important instruments to make organisations more sustainable and to obtain a circular economy?
  • what are the key principles in changing existing business models into circular ones?
  • how can managers and policy makers use multiple and coherent instrument in one business model for sustainable enterprises and a circular economy?

The Centre self is a sustainable organisation and therefore achieves multi-value performance balancing the interests of people, planet, profits and society.

The team of the Centre is presented at the website:

Current PhD projects
Name Research project
Eikelenboom, M. (Manon) t.b.a.
Enthoven, M.P.M. (Margo) Leadership and Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Greco, A. (Angela) Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Social Housing
Prins, A.E. (Anna Jorien) The Postnational Society
Thelken, H.N. (Hendrik) The Organization of Value Chains in Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Vrenegoor, F.A. (Femke) Closing the buy-in gap to salient ecolabel application for SME hotel entrepreneurs in the Netherlands
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