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Frisian Flagships

All GSCF research is organized into four thematic topics, known as the ‘Frisian Flagships’. Taken together, the Frisian Flagships encompass many of the Spearheads, Promising Niches and the Living Lab/Crossovers of the Frisian Knowledge Agenda. They also encompass some ‘Core Topics’, i.e. research areas expected to have a significant local impact but which are not explicitly mentioned in the Frisian Knowledge Agenda.

Frisian Flagship 1: Governance

Frisian Flagship 2: Sustainable Economy

Frisian Flagship 3: Culture, Language & Technology

Frisian Flagship 4: Health & Food.

Data Research is when possible and useful integrated in the four flagships.

Not belonging to the Frisian Flagships but important to the development of Campus Fryslân is the research on internationalization of education. The PhD research in this area is grouped in the Centre for Internationalization of Education.

Last modified:05 December 2018 4.07 p.m.