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OnderzoekGraduate School Campus Fryslân

Research characteristics

GSCF research activities are largely structured into long-term research programmes. These programmes emerge from knowledge requests posed in the Frisian Knowledge Agenda and by partner institutes. While there are a diversity of research projects at the GSCF, they all share some similarities:

  • Interdisciplinary: Programmes require expertise from multiple scientific domains, so PhD students/researchers cooperate along shared themes within their competencies.
  • Transdisciplinary: Programmes require expertise in both the academic and private sector, so PhD students/researchers cooperate with partners outside of academia.
  • Impact potential: Programme outcomes have the potential to make a positive social, and especially regional, impact, so PhD students/researchers are encouraged to valorise results, not only through academic conferences and technical publications, but also through patent applications, grant writing, community engagement, etc.
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