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Frisian Flagships

All GSCF research is organized into three thematic topics, known as the “Frisian Flagships”. Taken together, the Frisian Flagships encompasses many of Spearheads, Promising Niches and the Living Lab/Crossovers of the Frisian Knowledge Agenda. They also encompass some “Core Topics”, i.e. research areas expected to have a significant local impact but which are not explicitly mentioned in the Frisian Knowledge Agenda.

Flagship 1: Governance & Sustainable Economy

Flagship 1 contributes business, economics and policy research to Fryslân. Activities include in-depth analyses of all elements of the sustainable business model (from leadership to strategy, organisation, alliances, context, policy and performance), regional, national and international assessments of governance and sustainability dimensions applying an interdisciplinary and multimethod approach.

PhD research in this Flagship may be connected to work at the Centre for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (CSE), which provides a range of PhD research projects dedicated to disentangle the causes and consequences of sustainable entrepreneurship. Through the involvement of its Director, the CSE helps fund research under this flagship and builds durable relations with stakeholders in the fields.

For more information, contact Gjalt de Jong

Current PhD projects:

  • M. Enthoven: Leadership and Sustainable Entrepreneurship
  • H. Thelken: The Organization of Value Chains in Sustainable Entrepreneurship
  • A. Greco: Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Social Housing
  • F. Vrenegoor: Closing the buy-in gap to salient ecolabel application for SME hotel entrepreneurs in the Netherlands
  • M. Eikelenboom: TBA

Connection to Frisian Knowledge Agenda:

  • Spearhead 5: Tourism and recreation
  • Living Lab/Crossover: CC2018 Living lab for knowledge
  • Living Lab/Crossover: Safety
  • Core topic: Circular Economy

Flagship 2: Culture, Language & Technology

Flagship 2 performs Human, Social and Behavioural Science-lead research to Fryslân. Activities include facilitating scientific outcomes that valorise Frisian culture, history, and language, as well as cooperation on applied technological challenges relating to Anthropology, History, and Linguistics.

PhD research in this Flagship may be connected to work in the Centre for Cultural and Linguistic Continuity, a joint project with the University of Warsaw, the MPI, and Leiden University. Further, students are also eligible to participate in the Marie Curie RISE grant, which facilitates international research trips of up to 6 months at partner institutes.

For more information, contact Matt Coler

Current PhD projects:

  • V. Verkhodanova: Recognizing disease from voice
  • J.D. van Amelsvoort: Minorities, Migration, Mediation
  • B.E. Dijkstra: TBA

Connection to Frisian Knowledge Agenda:

  • Niche 1: Serious games
  • Niche 2: Multilingualism
  • Living Lab/Crossover: Liveability (Interaction Lab)
  • Living Lab/Crossover: CC2018 Living lab for knowledge

Flagship 3: Food & Health

Flagship 3 encompasses research in the domains of health and food that attune to the Frisian knowledge agenda, including innovations in dairy products with value for human health, topics relating to nutrition, and more.

For more information, contact Tim Zutphen

Connection to Frisian Knowledge Agenda:

  • Spearhead 1: Agrofood
  • Spearhead 2: Dairy
  • Spearhead 3: Water Technology
  • Living Lab/Crossover: Sustainability (AgriLab)
  • Living Lab/Crossover: Liveability (Interaction Lab, Healthy Ageing)
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