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Education & training

The research training programme is designed for the PhD students to be appointed or contracted from 2016. It is mandatory for these PhD students to actively participate in the programme and to achieve 30 European Credits (EC), where 1 EC is equivalent to 28 hours of study. The training programme consists of a compulsory part and elective courses. The compulsory part of the training programme is organised by GSCF or the Groningen Graduate Schools. The elective courses will partly be organised by GSCF and partly by third parties. PhD students may choose items with a minimum of 13 EC to enhance knowledge and competences on topics of their choice. PhD students receive a certificate after having mastered the training programme. For PhD students, a training programme certificate will be required before approval can be obtained from the supervisors.

The study load for writing the PhD thesis is 210 EC, which results in a total study load of 240 EC. Taking into account that 60 EC is equivalent to 1 year of study, this means that PhD students will be expected to finish the PhD project within four years.

In case PhD students need specialised training modules in their field of research, GSCF offers the possibility to follow modules at other graduate schools of the University of Groningen or at other knowledge institutions. In individual cases, GSCF may decide to cover (part of) the costs of these courses.

Course information

  • University of Groningen Introduction Event: The Office of the Dean of Graduate Schools organises a special retreat for new PhD students from all across the University of Groningen to get them acquainted with each other, the university and its surroundings. Participation is free. All new PhD students should take part within the first three months of their project.
  • Introductory course: Introduction week for new GSCF PhD students
  • Summer School: The GSCF organizes a yearly summer school on a different topic.
  • Autumn School: The GSCF organizes a yearly autumn school. The Autumn School deals with valorisation of GSCF research, and PhD students are directly involved with the organization of this event.
  • PhD Conference: The GSCF organizes a yearly conference for GSCF students and supervisors, in which students present their work and compete for best poster / presentation awards. A keynote speaker will also be present to provide feedback, advice, and moderate discussions.

Other courses

  • Philosophy of science
  • Career perspectives: personalised training for students preparing for life after their PhD
  • Research valorisation: valorising research beyond publications, including patents, proof-of-concepts, popular contributions and more.
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