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Token Test App available for iOS and Android tablets

12 February 2021

The Multilingual Token Test

Roelien Bastiaanse, Yulia Akinina, Djaina Satoer & Dörte de Kok

In 1962, De Renzi and Vignolo presented the Token Test. This test is known for its discriminative power and its sensitivity to measure the severity of aphasia. In 1978, De Renzi and Faglioni created a shortened version that was as discriminative and sensitive as the original Token Test. In 2014, prof. dr. Ennio De Renzi gave us permission to create a multilingual Token Test. For the multilingual Token Test, we used the shortened version of De Renzi and Faglioni. Several years ago, a digital version, the Token Test App, has been developed for iOS. However, there were some bugs and many people work on Android tablets, reasons to upgrade the App. The current version works on iOS and Android devices, 40 languages and dialects are available, enabling the SLP to test aphasic individuals in their own language(s).

For the Token Test App

  • natural spoken language was used: all items have been recorded by native speakers;
  • scoring is fully automatic and according to the rules of De Renzi and Faglioni (1978).

The Token Test App (RUG Token Test) is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store for approximately 19,99 € (depending on region of purchase). Unfortunately, automatic updates from the previous iOS version are not possible. If you purchased the first version of the app, please contact Dörte de Kok ( to arrange for a free update.

The following languages and dialects are currently included:

Afrikaans, Akan, Albanian, Arabic (Moroccan), Armenian, Berber, Bosnian, Catalan, Catalan (from Valencia), Chinese (Mandarin from Mainland), Chinese (Mandarin from Taiwan), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (American), English (Australian), English (British), English (Canadian), English (South African), Finnish, Flemish, French, Frisian, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Maltese, Norwegian, Persian, Portuguese (Brasilian), Portuguese (European), Russian, Spanish, Swiss German, Tagalog, Tatar, Turkish;

and more languages are scheduled to be added.

If your language is not available, please, contact Yulia Akinina ( You will receive the instructions for recording your language version.

De Renzi, E. & Faglioni, P. (1978) Normative data and screening power of a shortened version of the Token Test. Cortex, 14, 41-49.
De Renzi, E. & Vignolo, L.A. (1962) The Token Test: A sensitive test to detect receptive disturbances in aphasics. Brain, 85, 665-678.

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