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PIL on Tuesday 13th February

When:Tu 13-02-2018 12:00 - 13:00
The sixth PIL of year 2017/2018 will be held on Tuesday, February 13th at 12 midday in 3212-0217 with a lunch afterwards in the hall of building 3219. This PIL will be given by Peter Horvatovich of the Analytical Biochemistry group.
The title of his presentation is:

Exploring the limits of mass spectrometry molecular profiling for clinical applications

Abstract : Mass spectrometry allows comprehensive profiling of biocompounds in complex biological samples and identify molecular changes that occurs during disease development and patient treatment. Mass spectrometry either coupled to liquid chromatography or used as tool to profile spatial distribution of drugs in tissue section provide large and complex data that contains information on several ten and hundreds of thousands of compounds with 4-6 order of magnitude concentration range. To extract the molecular profile information from the acquired data, complex algorithms and workflows are required. This talk will present an LC-MS(/MS) and MALDI imaging data processing workflow aiming both to extract all information – including faint but biologically important signals – from the acquired data. The talk will highlight the main characteristics of the developed algorithms and will provides clinical application examples such as results from proteogenomics study that integrate genomics and proteomics data to reveal the molecular mechanism of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease using human lung tissue or how to use the developed tool to reveal inhaled drug distribution in rat lung section.

The dates and locations of the PIL in 2018 are as follows:
Tuesday, 13 februari: 3212-0217 - Peter Horvatovich
Tuesday, 13 maart: 3212-0217 - Gert Salentijn
Tuesday, 10 april: 3212-0217 - Katja Taxis
Tuesday, 8 mei: 3214-0081 - Shabnam Shaabani
Tuesday, 12 juni (Pharmacy Day):
You are all more than welcome to attend the PIL. The PIL committee hopes that you will come in great numbers.
Best regards, also on behalf of the PIL committee.